Linda H: wow, you are incredible! what a gift!
Darrell W: He is in my head.
Lisa D: dude! so real lol
Paul N: Oh dear this is me!
Vib S: OMG wow wake up call!!!
Megan A: I relate to this
Melissa S: Wow! You've got my number
Carole C: Been There!!
Brit W: You are making me laugh… but it is true.
Heidi C: I know the feeling!
Linda H: you’re funny Kris
Jasmin S: I relate to this so much
Darrell W: Ok, everyone, this is specifically for me. At least it seems that way.
Kathi: I think we have all been there!
Michele R: Wow! I have heard that voice so loudly for so long!!
Sylvia: Feels like I am not the only one feeling like this.
Amy S: reading my mail!
Audrey B: Thanks Kris for being REAL! I can relate to much of this!
Kirsten S: He is nailing it.
Victoria: wow! very interesting!
Valerie: Ugh! It’s like he can read my mind.
Amy: So good!
Rachelle P: great stuff!
Kat Z: Yes yes yes
Phillip O: so true!!! and hilarious
Kirsten S: so good
Michele R: Wow! All about perspective!!
Carmella: This is very timely
Kirsten S: Wow, Wow, Wow
Julianna: Excellent!
Sylvia: This really makes me cry. So good!
Lisa L: Great illustration
Phillip O: wisdom speaking
Jean: Good message!!!
Carole C: brilliant
Jean: So good…
Tina B: Thank you for sharing this today, it is very helpful.
Matt T: That’s good!
Theresa W: Truth!
Megan A: Wow. This is really speaking to me
Kirsten S: Loving this
Terry T: This is pure gold.
Victoria: This is sooooo encouraging.
Phillip O: love this wisdom so much
Megan A: This is so good
Vib S: Wow so profound this morning !!!! such a God send thank you so much!!!!!!
Vib S: Yes yes yes!!!
Vicki Z: Here come the tissues and tears …
Linda F: this is incredible....truth!!
Alicia V: Kris, this is so so good!
Paul N: I’m loving this
Beth: Those are powerful “ME TOO” moments
Shane T: Truth bombs everywhere. Hits home…
Phillip O: yessss!!!!
Nikola S: Wow! Great lesson!
Shannon S: you are so genuine Kris! thank you
Jim C: This is great!!
Michele R: Wow, I needed this sooo much!
Julianna: So good!
Nancy L: GOLD!
Shirley: So GOOD!
Hoda N: this is so good. thank you Kris
Carole C: Do YOU KNOW ME????
Nancy R: this is spot on
Inna J: thank you kris
Betsy: TRUTH!
Alicia R: Makes me cry!
Phillip O: so much gold here.
Kathi: This is very, very good and helpful!
Simon M: some amazing insights here, thank you so much Kris!!
Megan A: This whole talk is an Aha moment for me
Carol C: You are speaking to my heart!
Peggy H: Kris thank you this is awesome and so helpful for me
Lori T: Are you kidding? This whole thing is emotional. lol
Deborah G: so very insightful and helpful! Thank you Kris!!
Darrell W: Struggling to keep it together right now.
Claudia M: SOOOOO helpful and such TRUTH!
Linda H: I thank God for this speaker, I needed to hear this!
Linda B: Thank you, Kris... I needed to hear this! It hits a real nerve!
Sheree: So good!
Lynda P: wow, Kris, I want to hug you!
Rachelle P: yeeeesssssss
Vib S: oh so good!!!!
Jayne B: Awesome Kris!! Thank you!!!
Jane H: Wow!! So good…thank you!
Laurie O: Fabulous!
Kathy B: thank you Kris! so good, just what my heart needed.
Julia O: Love it!
Audrey B: That was spot on!!! Kudos!! Thanks for sharing!
Lisa L: so so true!!
Lori T: My hand is worn out from writing so much! This was so eye opening!
Nancy: Thank you Kris. Great encouragement.
Dahlia K: WOW - exactly what I needed to hear - great explanation that you!!
Lori T: Oh wow, I really needed to hear this right now! Thank you, Kris!
Maggie: So inspiring!
Clare F: very powerful message
Carol C: Kris, you have shined a light on my Imposter! Powerful
Nancy R: Really hit home with me. What I thought was humility was really the imposter.
Cheryl D: So encouraging! The analogies are wonderful and inspiring!
Lizette: I wish my hubby could’ve heard this….
Christina B: Thank you for your intentional rests between those key points!
Graeme S: Excellent. What an encouragement. Thank you so much. God bless you.
Pamela B: Well that got to the heart of my thoughts and perceptions.
Susan R: Kris you spoke to ME!! WOW!! Love your insight!
Beverley: I need to hear this again to take it all in. was too busy taking notes.
Milly G: I can’t stop crying, so much growth ahead of me thank you!!!
Tania B: Such a meaningful topic. I'm glad it's touching people's hearts with hope for healing. :)
Tammy O: Kris, I'm so encouraged. Thank you.
Karen S: great wisdom!
Joy G: This is so, so, so very helpful!!! Thank you so much Kris Kelso for explaining this so well and speaking truth into this topic.
Donna K: Such great observations, Kris. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and wisdom.
Vib S: Thank you for helping me understand my world!
Simon M: Thank you!! Amazing!!!
Alicia V: Thank you Kris! so Thankful for you! Really great teaching! Loved every minute of it!
Angela B: Thanks Kris, That's so refreshing and helpful and freeing!
Laura M: Thank you so much, Kris! I have learned so much from this!